SKYLED VELA universal plow lamp, FULL LED 9-36V

SKYLED VELA headlamp has a portable directional module that allows it to be mounted on the left, right and top of the lamp, making the product universal and allowing it to be mounted on any side of the vehicle. The headlamp is also equipped with a universal mounting kit, thanks to which, the bracket can be mounted on the lower wall of the headlamp allowing installation e.g. on the piping, or placed on the rear wall of the headlamp and thanks to this, the headlamp will allow mounting directly to the hood or cabin of the vehicle.

SKYLED VELA is equipped with SNOW-MELT and ANTI-ICING SYSTEM technology – a special function of headlamp lens heating, which protects against icing or lingering snow. When the power is turned on, the lens of the lamp heats up to a high temperature so that it removes lingering ice and snow. When the system passes its heating cycle, it returns to standard operation and heating is turned off. NOTE: It is forbidden to touch the lens during operation due to its temperature.

Headlight type: Plough
Light functions: passing/far-reaching/positioning/directional
Long-distance light power: 3600 lmn, 2900 lmn (actual)
Range of far-reaching light: 280 m (1 lux)
Passing light power: 1800 lmn, 1500 lmn (actual)
Dipped beam range: 163 m (1 lux)
Light color: 5700K
Class: IP68, IP69K
Voltage: 9-36V
Position light: White
Reference number: ECE 17.5
Width: 215 mm
Depth: 85 mm
Height: 150 mm
Height with bracket: 176.5 mm
Certification: ECE R112/R7/R6 , R10, DOT, CE, RoHS