SKYLED Ignis 30S work light 10-30V, 30W, 2520 Lm (focused light) R10/R149

The SKYLED Ignis 30S work lamp will provide you with an excellent dose of light in the work field and, additionally, thanks to its structure, it will become a modern decoration on your vehicle due to its appearance. The lamp has ECE R149, which allows the light to also be used as an additional long-distance light by mounting it at the front of the vehicle.

Lamp Type: Work Lamp
Light Mode: Focused Light
Light output: 2520 lm, 2259 lm (real)
Class: IP67, IP69K
Voltage: 10-32V
Power: 30W (6 LED Osram x 5W)
Light color: 5700K
Width: 160 mm
Depth: 64 mm
Height with bracket: 54 mm
Certificate: ECE R10, R149 (Ref. No. 17.5)

cat. nr. 13SL50042