SKYLED elongated interior lamp (300mm x 54mm) 10-30V 30W

SKYLED brand energy-saving interior lighting, will find its application in yacht, camper, truck, off-road vehicles as well as in dining room, bedroom, office, hotel or conference room.

Lamp type: interior lighting
Light output: 30W
Class: IP67
Voltage: 10-30V DC
Dimensions (DxSxW): 300/54/11 mm
Material: polycarbonate
On/Off switch: Touch-sensitive
Brightness control: YES
Mounting: Surface mounted
Certification: R10

When the lamp is connected to the power supply, the blue LED of the touch switch is always on.
Touching the switch will turn the light on, when you touch the switch again, the light will turn off.
Hold the touch switch to adjust the brightness of the light.

cat. no. 13SL15023