PHOTOVOLTAIC PANELS Mercedes Actros Bigspace


We have a ready PLUG @ PLAY solution, specially prepared for MERCEDES cars

When buying air conditioning, it is worth investing in the SKYLED photovoltaic system – We will significantly extend the work of air conditioning.

The troublesome burnout of the truck in order to recharge the batteries will also go away, which will translate into: driver comfort, fuel savings, ecology.

Why is it worth using photovoltaic panels in MERCEDES cars – main points

  1. Fuel Saving – Receivers such as air conditioning, microwave oven, refrigerator consume a large amount of electricity when parked, so most drivers recharge their batteries with the engine during their mandatory stoppage. For this reason alone, fuel consumption per year can reach up to PLN 3,000 per year, which translates into a quick return on investment in the purchase of a photovoltaic system.

– The car is burned out on average once a day for 1 hour, about 2.5 liters, on average 200 burnouts a year gives us 500 liters of fuel savings

-When the batteries are fully charged, the system disengages the alternator while driving. This also translates into lower fuel consumption.

– Uncharged batteries – the truck burns more fuel during the first several minutes of engine operation.

  1. An alternative to expensive battery replacement after the warranty period.
  2. No more bothersome engine starts during mandatory stops to recharge the batteries.
  3. Significantly extends the operation of parking air conditioning. A rested and satisfied driver…. it’s a better driver.
  4. When the batteries are fully discharged, the panels allow them to be recharged and the engine to be started after a few hours of charging in the sun.
  5. The panels increase the resale value of the vehicle.

Why is it worth using photovoltaic panels in trucks:

  1. They allow to overcome the shortages of electricity in the vehicle, resulting from the use of many electricity receivers, such as: Webasto heating, microwave, computer, refrigerator.
  2. Bothersome starting of the engine during the mandatory stop in order to recharge the batteries is omitted.
  3. Effectively shorten the battery charging time after a pause
  4. Intelligent energy management system, IESM (Intelligent Energy Management System) allows you to monitor the battery charge level on an ongoing basis.
  5. They are an alternative to the costly replacement of batteries after the warranty period.
  6. They do not allow the battery voltage to be lowered to a critical value, which effectively reduces the efficiency and lifetime of the battery.
  7. The batteries will not become sulphated.
  8. Sufficiently charged batteries affect the correct operation of devices in the vehicle, thus not interfering with the driver’s rest time.
  9. Direct connection to the battery, non-invasive assembly.
  10. Extend battery life.

Principle of operation, Intelligent energy management system based on Victron.

The construction of Skyled panels is based on the highest quality cells of the American company SUNPOWER, which, apart from their innovative design, are characterized by the highest conversion factor of light into electricity, also in diffused light.

The maximum power of the set of panels is 110Wp and this power is controlled by the charging regulator. VICTRON MPPT brand is a world leader in this type of design. The included charging regulator, thanks to the MPPT system, provides fast power point tracking, ensuring charging even in unfavorable lighting conditions, such as cloudy days or shaded places. Each regulator is equipped with a Bluetooth interface, thanks to which the driver or service technician can easily monitor the operation of the photovoltaic system.

MPPT Charging in the shade

-Dutch charging regulators with a 5-year warranty

-MPPT systems loads in shade and partial shade

-Management via smartphone

-Efficiency and reliability



The installed photovoltaic panels will not compensate for the entire electricity consumption, but will significantly extend the time of using the devices.