Neon Skyled PRO NG DAF XG 2022- (19x134cm)

Visible advertising of your company provides greater recognition. Don’t pay others to advertise your business. Advertise yourself!!! The SKYLED thin advertising board will provide you with a versatile advertising medium on your vehicle. The deep, constant light in the background will make your advertisement visible from a distance, and your vehicle will stand out from the rest.
Advantages of SKYLED neon signs:

– made of thin (8 mm) acrylic sheet;
– new flexible seal for a great fit in the cabin;
– easy installation with Front Click TM hooks;
– more light than from a traditional fluorescent lamp;
– unique solution of aluminum LED panel with “Heat Reduce TM” technology, giving life up to 80,000 hours!
– operation in the temperature range from -40 deg C to 60 deg C and resistance to external weather conditions;
– ease of changing the content of the advertisement multiple times;
– the light of the board perfectly harmonizes with the color of light of contemporary incandescent LED, xenon, halogen bulbs (no effect of yellow tone of light);
– power supply ensures uniform brightness of the neon regardless of the voltage of the batteries.

Dimensions of the neon: 19 x 134 cm

Designed for: DAF NG XG 2022-

The set includes:

– neon,
– mounting brackets and screws,
– mounting glue,
– inverter,
– installation instructions.

cat. no. 24DA134R-HHMFR