LED signs




The thin SKYLED advertising board will provide you with universal advertising space on the vehicle. Deep, constant light in the background will make the advertisement visible from a distance, also at night, and the vehicle will stand out from the crowd!

– perfect adaptation to the curves of the cabins of various brands of vehicles

– easy installation with Front Click TM hooks

– more light than from traditional fluorescent lamps

– a unique solution of an aluminum LED panel in the “Heat Reduce TM” technology, which gives a lifetime of up to 80,000 hours !!!

– operating range in temperatures from -40 C and resistance to external weather conditions

– the ease of multiple application of any advertisement

– the light of the board perfectly harmonizes with the light color of currently installed LED bulbs, xenon, halogen – (no yellow light tone effect)


These neon lights are made of a thin (8 mm) acrylic plate and white LEDs. The power supply ensures uniform neon brightness regardless of the battery voltage.


SKYLEDi boards are completely sealed, so they can be used outdoors, regardless of weather conditions.


Due to the fact that they are made of a thin plate, they easily adapt to the curvature of the vehicle roof.


The reflector is made entirely using LEDs – 2 for long-range illumination and 2 in position light.

Strong light: 1200 lumens (140,000 candelas (cd)).

Modern design – aluminum housing with heat sink and chrome-plated ring, lens and lamp shade made of polycarbonate.

Compliance with ECE (30), EMC, EMI 5 standards in accordance with CISPR25.

Waterproof and dustproof – IP68 class. Shock resistant.

Working under voltage: 9-33V (12 / 24V).

Power: 16.8W.

Power consumption: 0.7A (at 24V).

Cable length: 300 mm.

Weight: 2240 g.